ITeam4 jouw carrière

Job Info

  • Duur: 6 months with possible extension(s)
  • Start: Asap
  • Locatie: Brussels
  • Ervaring: 5 to 10 years in Change Management


Suikertorenweg 35
2560 Kessel
Tel: +32 495 32 36 05

Change Manager

Referentie: 101618

We Team 4 a Change Manager


The objectives of the change will be to:

•  Promote new behaviours and make them sustainable
•  Integrate collaborative tools in daily interactions with colleagues or external partners
•  Identify and manage anticipated resistance
•  Establish follow-up approach and corrective actions to achieve the objectives of the project
In a first phase, the Change Manager will be responsible for setting-up a strategy & a change approach to implement a new way of working and ensure a wide adoption of the new collaborative tools within.
This change strategy & plan will be co-created with the internal change managers of the client and in close partnership with the Change Manager of the Group program team (in Paris).

The deliverables will be:
•  The Change strategy (including definition of key success factors and KPI’s to measure the success of tools adoption)
•  The Change plan (including evaluation of required resources & timing at central & local level)
•  The support documents to implement the change in the different entities
In a second phase, the Change Manager will implement this plan with a strong collaboration with the internal Change Managers of each entity.

The KPI’s will be:
•  Respect of validated budget and planning
•  Management of risks & issues
•  Success on the use of the collaborative tools
•  Positive impact on the boost of the transversal collaboration between all employees & collective efficiency (annual Global people survey).
The deliverables will be:
•  Provide adapted documents to support implementation in each entity. Reporting on the tools adoption through qualitative and quantitative datas
•  Animate workshops
•  Reporting on corrective actions to improve & adapt the change approach according to KPI’s follow-up & users feedback


Master or equivalent by experience
Certification; In Change Management. Mastering of ADKAR methodology is required

Context van de missie

Within Brand, Communications and Quality (BCQ), the Corporate Communications department, the team e-Communication Channels aims to support all function and business activities in leveraging the business growth and the brand value, both internally and externally:

•  Leverage the potential of Digital to create business added value and to position the client as a key and innovative brand.
•  Develop the E-Communication Channel portfolio of services while ensuring its cost-efficiency, with appropriate governance and pooling of both processes and technology to create synergies.
•  Provide intelligence on new technologies to propose innovative solutions and foster technology breakthrough to address the needs of functions and Businesses and fully encompass the Digital change.
•  Promote a Digital Culture and the necessary mindset to support the main upcoming changes in the financial industry
In this context, the team has received the mission to launch and manage the program Digital Working for the client in all its dimensions.

A key project of this program is aimed at launching and ensuring adoption of collaborative tools by ~17.000 people. This adoption will allow to boost transversal collaboration between all employees & collective efficiency.

This has to result in a totally new way of working and culture, leading to higher business performance for a new agile & flexible bank.

One of the most critical aspects of the program Digital Working is the change of employees’ mindset, impacted by corporate values, individual expectations and ways of thinking that determine how people and organizations act.


  • Dutch: Excellent
  • French: Excellent
  • English: Good
  • German: N/A
  • Spanish: N/A

Soft Skills

  • Good analytical skills:
  • o Able to quickly understand a context and key strategic objectives
  • o Able to define an approach encompassing different situations/contexts
  • Strong written communication skills:
  • o Able to translate vision/strategy in clear and structured project documents and actions plan/tasks
  • Excellent active listening skills
  • Good Influencing & leadership skills
  • Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of audiences.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and multi-cultural environment
  • French Full Proficiency
  • Dutch Full Proficiency
  • English Proficiency in writing reports


  • Experience in setting up strategy & change management approach
  • Experience with large-scale organizational change efforts, in collaboration with internal change managers
  • Experience in digital (transformation/deployment) projects
  • Experience in projects oriented on innovative solutions to answer Businesses needs fully encompassing the Digital change.
  • Preferable; Experience in Change Management in following areas: collaborative tools or related fields as real time communications, web meetings, social networks
  • Preferable; Experience in change projects related to NWOW (New World of Work) topics is a key asset.