ITeam4 jouw carrière

Job Info

  • Duur: 12 months
  • Start: Asap
  • Locatie: Brussels
  • Ervaring: 5 years of experience


Suikertorenweg 35
2560 Kessel
Tel: +32 495 32 36 05

Senior Copywriter

Referentie: 101493

We Team 4 a Senior Copywriter

Rollen en verantwoordelijkheden

•  Generating stand-alone copy, or text across many platforms, including:
•  Websites, mobile apps, emails, social media, blogs
•  Marketing materials
•  Press and print advertising
•  Press releases
•  Sales letters
•  Articles
•  Brochures, flyers & others
•  The copy or text can complement visual concepts created by an art director / advertising campaign ATL. For some projects, the copywriter will imagine a concept supporting the copy (story concept) around which one a creative design will be developed.
•  Developing engaging concepts to fulfil client expectations.
•  Creating copies that attract & persuade, are interesting for the reader, whilst adhering to the objectives of the project, staying within the brief and being completely grammatically accurate.
•  In close contact with the Communication Manager, working stand alone or coordinating the work of other copywriters.

Principal responsibilities:
•  Handling certain content packages and (re)writing them into copy that is adapted to different digital carriers (such as smartphone, tablet and laptop/desktop) and ensuring this copy is delivered in time
•  Using his/her knowledge on SEO to make the delivered content as SEO proof as possible, making the information easy to find
•  Ensuring a good communication from his/her side to the other direct stakeholders (other copywriters, project manager…)
•  Translating/challenging original briefings into the required content
•  Rewriting work other copywriters into own native language
•  In close contact with the Project Manager / Communication Manager, coordinating the work of the other copywriters
•  Coordinating aspect towards other copywriters in writing copy for digital channels that is SEO optimized
•  When necessary, quality review skills of other copywriting work
•  Respect and control the use of the specific tone-of-voice


Bachelor or Master degree in the human sciences or in the economical sciences

Context van de missie

Senior copywriter profile with a proven experience in the development of creative concepts and graphic achievements in online copy and lifestyle tone of voice.


  • Dutch: Excellent
  • French: Excellent
  • English: N/A
  • German: N/A
  • Spanish: N/A

Soft Skills

  • Able to work independently, manage own deliverables
  • Ability to cope with criticism and changes in the briefing
  • Ability to work with deadlines/under stress
  • Team player
  • Proactive in defining, identifying and communicating room for improvement in process
  • Critical mind and daring to challenge input of other stakeholders
  • Reporting of achievements as well as efficiency improvement opportunities
  • Organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible and willing to adapt ideas to the needs of clients
  • Strong research skills
  • Strong research skills


  • Strong expertise in MS Office
  • Strong organizational insight
  • Strict discipline to write in a fairly strict canvas and templates with a strict definition of length, approach and style
  • Preferable; Preferred to have small team coordinating experience